Marybeth & Zachary {Dara’s Garden Knoxville Wedding}

Marybeth and Zach’s wedding tops my summer list of amazing and sweet weddings of this year.  (Alright, well I love them all!)  These two are the sweetest couple, I think I teared up more times then they did throughout the day!  Zachary surprised Marybeth with a student study bible complete with her new  name engraved on the cover along with a sweet note.  During the exchanging of their gifts from around a door, he grabbed her hand and started praying for God to bless their marriage and their new life together.  (swoon!)  Their ceremony was complete with a washing of feet ceremony before the happy couple danced the day away!  As a surprise for him, Marybeth sung a sweet song to Zach as her dad strummed the guitar.  I can still hear her beautiful voice in my head as I put these images together for the blog.  So. Much. Love.

The fabulous day couldn’t have happened without these amazing vendors and all their hard work!
Wedding Planner: Custom Love Gifts
Catering: Rothchild Catering and Conference Center
Rentals: Event Rentals by Rothchild
Florist: Megan Connors Floral and Styling
Hair & Make-up: Orange Blossom Artistry


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