Let’s Play for Love! {Knoxville Engagement Session}

So I haven’t  blogged in awhile…but here’s an engagement session that HAD to be shown as soon as possible!  Waverly and Caleb wanted something different that showcased exactly who they were as a couple.  Other than adorable and totally in love, these two have SO much fun together!  Heading into Putt Putt Golf and Games armed with pockets full of quarters, they set off on a video game, air hockey, and skeeball round-robin tournament of the century!  I think they will be having date nights back there soon.  😉  After collecting handfuls of tickets we left to a nearby park to show off their romantic side.  They just keep getting cuter as we strolled around the park and Caleb whispered in Waverly’s ear.  Ahhh, I love my job!

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